Welcome to our teacher resources page! here you will find recommended apps and websites that have worked well for our teacher friends.

Resources for teaching lessons online:

Resources for reading and sharing sheet music online:
ForScore - online sheet music library
GeniusScan - digitize sheet music with your phone camera
Apple Books - download Suzuki books to your device
Transcribe - transcribe recorded music

Resources for listening to music:
PlayScore - plays your sheet music back to you

Resources for teaching and practice sessions:
Music Mind Games - music theory games and curriculum
Theory Center/ Practice Spot - practice pages for music theory
SmartMusic - practice tools, feedback, and guided practice
MusicTheory.net - lessons, exercises, and tools
Staff Wars - games, activities, computer-guided instruction
Decide Now - choose review pieces and activities more easily

Resources for practice charts and teaching toys:
Meredith Strings - practice charts!
The Practice Shoppe - teaching toys!
Big Life Journal - motivational posters, journals, printables

Resources for Parent Education:
Suzuki Teacher Trainer Joanne Bath’s Parent Talks